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Trustless Exchange for Structured Crypto Assets

Xetion is a trustless protocol for emitting combinatorial crypto assets and mandating diversification strategies. It allows to participate in decentralized funds and allocate liquidity trustlessly.

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What is Xetion?

Xetion enables trustless markets for crypto funds and assets containing multiple tokens

With the formation of markets for blockchain technologies, the need to diversify in tokens and coins emerges. Xetion is a blockchain and network protocol for the emission, mandated on-chain management and decentralised exchange of combinatorial bundles of crypto tokens, that are in essence structured crypto token assets (SCTAs).

Decentralized Emittance of Sturcutred Crypto Token Assets

Trustless Diversification in Crypto Markets

Participation in or Rewards for Strategic Success

Read the Xetion Whitepaper

Blockchain and Protocol

Learn more about Xetion’s core protocol and technical architecture.

Application Layer

Learn how Xetion enhances diversification and liquidity in crypto markets.

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Xetion’s TGE features a unique opportunity to get involved early in structured crypto asset markets.

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Versatility for liquidity and diversification in crypto markets

The use cases and implications of SCTAs are far reaching both for parties actively using Xetion, and for the entirety of decentralised markets, as efficiency and stability can be enhanced by a more permeable diffusion of capital across different chains and batch packet transactions that foster greater equilibrium proximity.

Crypto Funds

Emitt and invest in decentralized crypto funds. Ownership of tokens and allocation remains independent and trustless.


Execute automated diversification and liquidity allocations to hedge your portfolio and ease risk for losses.

Scale Cross Chain Operations

For services accumulating large amounts of tokens SCTAs can facilitate cross chain transactions.

Liquidity Networks

Smart reserves to ensure liquidity and ease peaks and shortages of liquidity.

Portfolio and Secondary Markets

Aggregate performance of combinatorial assets might enable emitters to price effective diversification strategies beyond nominal valuation.

Volatility Easing and Automation

For services accumulating large amounts of tokens SCTAs can facilitate cross chain transactions.

Xetion in essence is knowledge attracting liquidity in meritocratic networks.

Smart Mandate – A smart contract optimized for allocating funds

Xetion and its on-chain mandate mechanism ensure trustless mandating wherein the owner of tokens of combinatorial assets always holds the private keys of tokens contained in a structured crypto token asset (SCTA).

Versatile liquidity and diversification in crypto markets

Liquidity and price stability is key challenge for tokenized services and networks. Diversifying capital in crypto markets is not only beneficial for an individual investor, but can contribute to overall market efficiency, by providing and easing liquidity flows and pricing.


Xetion has a team of high-achievers from different backgrounds, fusing deep knowledge of finance and technology. I can’t wait to see what they build.

Karl-Heinz BeberokBlockchain Architect & Researcher


Xetion Core – Latency Mining and Hybrid Consensus Mechanism for Secure and Performant Scaling

Combining proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus methodologies allows Xetion to scale its network and maintain high transaction thorugh-put. By adpopting a an approach that allows to mine XET tokens based on latency, the network remains balanced allowing for rewards to primarily come form stratgeic success of services.

Mining algorithm optimized for network fairness

Hybrid consensus and high network throughput

Market making with proximity matrix diffusion

Virtual machines for automation

Xetion Technical Whitepaper

XET Token - Democratizing gateways to cross chain diversification networks

Usage of tokenized resources and comissions for meeting mandated targets on Xetion are settled in XET tokens. Since mining is latency based and inherhently anti-monopolistic the true incentive is to emitt and maintain successful SCTAs, making diversification strategies affordable, scalable and decentralized.

Secure and scalable consensus making

Xetion uses a hybrid consensus making scheme that is highly scalable. The squence of blocks on the chain will be determined by a proof-of-work algorithms that leverages latency as the limiting mining factor.

Transactional efficiency by combining matching probability with network proximity

The transaction sidechain on Xetion processes transactions as combinatorial batches which essentially mirror (updated) token ratio matrices.

We achieve efficient matching of combinatorial batches for transactions by bundling batches in heaps and then balance network proximity with the size of heaps and probability of matching respectively.

Similarly to hash graphs and its theory of propagating by gossiping through networks, we bundle transaction heaps based on network (node) proximity and load.

Governance & Ecosystem

Xetion features on-chain governance protocols and distinct processes for suggesting and approving updates and technical changes to its own architecture and core protocols and systems.

Scalability & Security

Xetion uses sharding techniques to improve scalability. Further, Xetion supports light clients which can operate without having to replicate the entire blockchain.

Virtual Machines, Automation and AI

Xetion features turing complete virtual machines to compute any possible scenario for a give data-set. This allows for a high degree of autonomous actions in allocatings or managing SCTAS based on calculated results. This can also be valuable for research and further learning on liquidty and dynamics of markets.


Xetion architecture explained in depth

The Whitepaper details our vision for a truly decentralized exchange protocol for strucutred crypto assets.

Xetion Technical Whitepaper (PDF)

Xetion Terms and Conditions (PDF)


We partner with these networks and technologies


We use these great technologies to power Xetion’s core:

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Legal Terms and Roadmap of Xetion

Xetion Token Generation Event (TGE)

Xetion is conducting a private pre-sale for its future TGE since November 2018. For more information please request access through the presale access form.

Xetion Roadmap

Xetion features a roadmap that will continually validate growth and achievements.

Phase IQ4 2018

Phase IIQ1-Q2 2019

Phase IIIQ3-Q4 2019

Initial Research Phase (Whitepaper)
Xetion Alpha - Internal TestnetXetion Beta - Public TestnetXetion - Public Launch
Xetion Fund Market AlphaXetion Fund Market Beta
Xetion Token Generation Event

Xetion AG - Our organisational and legal structure

Xetion is domiciled as Aktiengesellschaft (AG) registered in Zollikon-Zurich, Switzerland. All of the software developed by Xetion foundation is open source and licensed under an MIT license.

Xetion AG

Legal Domicile
Xetion AG
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President: Florian Aram Menevis